Food is a vantage point from which to observe our society, dispel myths and delve into profoundly human stories.

L’Integrale is a book-magazine devoted to the culture of food, keen on reimagining food writing by making space for multiple genres and perspectives and, as such, bringing it to a wider audience.

Each issue tackles taboos and myths, and weaves stories both private and collective around food as a fundamental facet of our culture, one that affects us all.

Founded in 2020 thanks to the support of Davide Longoni and his bakery shop, L’Integrale quickly became an indie phenomenon, thanks to its witty, playful look and to the literary quality of its writing. The editorial director is Diletta Sereni, the art director Gianluca Cannizzo. Tommaso Melilli, Irene Soave, and Gabriele Rosso make up the editorial staff. Elisa Cusimano is responsible for the book-magazine’s design. Davide Longoni and his bakery shop, along with wine distributor and retailer Les Caves de Pyrene, contribute to funding.

Since 2023, L’Integrale is published by Iperborea.


Among others: Paolo Cognetti, Andrea Marcolongo, Vincenzo Latronico, Lara Williams, Ilaria Gaspari, Nadeesha Uyangoda, Paolo Pecere, Anna Wiener, Marco Rossari, Rachel Roddy.

«"L’Integrale" makes space for multiple perspectives, ranges between different subjects, and uses food as a pretext to broaden our horizon.»

— La Repubblica

«"L’Integrale" is a bold project, which treats food as a fil rouge that connects agriculture and literature, history and anthropology—it forces us to ask the questions that really matters.»

— Artribune

«It looks striking, and what’s inside is a treasure trove.»

— Linkiesta Gastronomika

«As a magazine, L’Integrale is unique. Its approach to food is multifaceted, thanks to writers from many different backgrounds chiming in.»

— Gambero Rosso